Sherborne is great without you

Calling all Sherborne businesses

This is a call to action, FROM businesses TO businesses!

  • Would you like to know more about Tesco’s plans for Sherborne?
  • Are you worried about how an out-of-town development like this will affect your own business’s viability?
  • Or maybe you don’t see what all the fuss is about and would like to put an alternative view?

If so, then PLEASE join fellow Sherborne businesses for a cup of tea and an informal meeting…



(opposite Sherborne Abbey)

Please note this is NOT a Chamber of Trade activity – every business is welcome, the more the merrier.  It has been voluntarily arranged BY local business people FOR local businesses in reaction to requests for information.

There will be friendly faces to speak to who are local businesses and supporters of both the  campaign and the larger group of businesses and organisations (including the Sherborne Chamber of Trade) who are working hard behind the scenes help maintain the commercial viability of YOUR town centre.

Please come along – whether you think your business will be affected by Tesco or not – the longer-term issues affect every business in town and statistics from other post-Tesco towns back this up.


  • Tesco has confirmed it plans a 28,000sq ft  SUPERSTORE on this site.
  • This is NOT just a food store – Tesco plans an unusually high percentage of non-food items too (it quotes 73% grocery/27% non-food).
  • There is provision for FREE parking for 200+ cars.  Shoppers will come to Tesco, park for free, shop and drive away – the site is not within walking distance of the town centre so there is no added value to the town.
  • Statistics prove an out-of-town development like this takes 10-15% away from town centre trade in the first year and up to 45% over 5 years.  Can you afford to lose that on your bottom line?
  • Tesco now admits the ‘200’ jobs on offer includes 75% part-time positions – factor in job losses at the hotel and consequential town centre job losses and there will be no net employment gain to the town in the longer term.
  • Even Tesco has said 30% of Sherborne’s trade comes from tourism. Where will the 40,000+ visitors a year stay when we lose one of only two hotels in the town?  and where will they spend their visitor pound – because it won’t be in Sherborne.
  • To businesses who may think they are immune to this kind of competition –  remember all the other online services Tesco sells on the back of its superstores:  electrical goods, financial services, clothing – there’s very little you cannot be sold by the UK’s largest multiple (with profits of £3.8bn) and Sherborne’s shoppers are in their sights.
  • Even if you believe your business is irrelevant to Tesco – will you still want to come to work or invest in a town with a failing commercial centre, boarded up shops and a dramatic drop in footfall?  We didn’t think so.

If the facts above get you thinking and you’d like to find out more then PLEASE spare some time tomorrow and spread the word with neighbouring businesses and colleagues to come along too.

Doors open from 5.30pm – tea and chat from 6pm!



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